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Schotis at Seabound

Schotis Text in use in an art book by Elina Brotherus, designed by Dog Design in Helsinki, Finland.

The AKO Foundation invited artist Elina Brotherus to photograph a series of works on the southern coast of Norway. Brotherus visited the locality of Kristiansand in Sørlandet several times during 2018–2019. “Seabound: a Logbook” was born from these works.

The book stands alongside the photographic series as an independent work in which Brotherus’s stunning pictures, multi-faceted visual narration and typographical elements are joined together like entries in a catalogue-like logbook. The book is published by the well-known German art book publisher Kehrer Verlag.

Schotis - Seabound 01
Schotis - Seabound 02
Schotis - Seabound 03
Schotis - Seabound 04
Schotis - Seabound 05
Schotis - Seabound 06