Custom Type

In the design of bespoke fonts, the knowledge of the history of letters from a technical, aesthetic and cultural point of view is crucial to find the solution that fits the customer’s briefing.

Some clients want a custom font for fulfill all company needs wich is a large and complex project that can involve a wide range of styles and weights.

Sometimes it’s a commission for an advertising agency that just want to type a lettering style instead of comissioning every sentence to a lettering artist.

Or comic authors wanting to save time in lettering tasks and havings their script ready for international use.

There are many kind of needs and budgets, don’t hesitate to ask at:

Schweppes for La Despensa
Purina Felix for Craft WW · Designed with Ales Santos · Font production: Noe Blanco
Aquarius for Essencial Produccion · Designed with Ales Santos
San Juan for San Juan School
Acuvue Define for Craft WW · Designed with Ales Santos
Torrezna for Santiago Valenzuela