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Schotis at Diseño desde Marte

Making a doctor’s appointment, managing a bank account, monitoring physical exercise, identifying a song…, every day there are more and more tasks in which we resort to interaction with digital products and services. That’s why digital product design – with its many names: UX/UI design, interaction design, etc. – is the design discipline with the most vibrant and complex future.

In Diseño desde Marte (Design from Mars), Cris Busquets explains, step by step and with a fresh and didactic style, how these digital products and services are designed. With an eye always on those who use them but without losing sight of the business side, the author analyzes the methodologies used in the sector and proposes her own.

The book was released by Jardín de Monos. Design by Ángel Olmos featuring Schotis and At Hauss Mono by Arilla Type.