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Graveur is a Renaissance style text face based in the work of the French punchcutter Robert Granjon (1513-1589).

Working on original artifacts kept in Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp, observation of his punches, matrices and printed materials resulted in a extense type family. Despite been a Granjon style typeface, Graveur tries to capture the overall style of Granjon rather than simply being a slavish copy of a particular source.

Started as my project at Expert Class in Type Design in Antwerp, Graveur has grown to become a typeface with four optical sizes and seven weights, plus italics and an ornaments font. It also has variable fonts for extra fine tuning.

With a huge character set and a heavy use of OpenType features, Graveur is a Granjon style typeface that will fit any of your Renaissance person needs.

If you want to know a bit more, you can read an article about Graveur proccess in the Blog or download a PDF.

…or scroll down for Styles, Test Samples and detailed Buying Options.

Graveur Sketches

Graveur 7 weights, 4 optical sizes with italics + ornaments + 2 variable fonts.  59 fonts

Glyphset 1189 glyphs (1416 in italic)

Designed by Juanjo López

Year 2021

Graveur Fondo




Here you can purchase Graveur licenses.
Graveur is a big superfamily, with 57 weights, so there are some bundles available.

Graveur Complete Family (59 fonts): From 395€
4 optical sizes, 7 weights + italics + ornaments font + variable fonts.
(The variable font will be sent to customer’s e-mail separatedly)

Graveur Family. Small, Text, Subhead or Display (15 fonts): From 195€
1 optical size, 7 weights + italics + ornaments font.

Graveur Complete Basic (17 fonts): From 195€
4 optical sizes + Regular, Italic, Bold & Bold Italic + ornaments.

Graveur Basic (5 fonts): From 95€
1 optical size + Regular, Italic, Bold & Bold Italic + ornaments.

Graveur Variable (2 fonts): From 295€
Graveur Variable Roman & Italic

All bundles includes my Font catalogue for free.

Please contact me for extended licenses.

Graveur Poster