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Graveur is a Renaissance style text face based in the work of the French punchcutter Robert Granjon (1513-1589).

Working on original artifacts kept in Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp, observation of his punches, matrices and printed materials resulted in a extense type family. Despite been a Granjon style typeface, Graveur tries to capture the overall style of Granjon rather than simply being a slavish copy of a particular source.

Started as my project at Expert Class in Type Design in Antwerp, Graveur has grown to become a typeface with four optical sizes and seven weights, plus italics and an ornaments font. It also has variable fonts for extra fine tuning.

With a huge character set and a heavy use of OpenType features, Graveur is a Granjon style typeface that will fit any of your Renaissance person needs.

In 2022, Graveur was awarded with GOLD in Text Typefaces category in the European Design Awards.

If you want to know a bit more, you can read an article about Graveur proccess in the Blog or download a PDF.

…or scroll down for Styles, Test Samples and detailed Buying Options.

Graveur Sketches

Graveur 7 weights, 4 optical sizes with italics + ornaments + 2 variable fonts.  59 fonts

Glyphset 1189 glyphs (1416 in italic)

Designed by Juanjo López

Year 2021

Graveur Fondo




Here you can purchase Graveur licenses.
Graveur is a big superfamily, with 57 weights, so there are some bundles available.

Graveur Complete Family (59 fonts): From 395€
4 optical sizes, 7 weights + italics + ornaments font + variable fonts.
(The variable font will be sent to customer’s e-mail separatedly)

Graveur Family. Small, Text, Subhead or Display (15 fonts): From 195€
1 optical size, 7 weights + italics + ornaments font.

Graveur Complete Basic (17 fonts): From 195€
4 optical sizes + Regular, Italic, Bold & Bold Italic + ornaments.

Graveur Basic (5 fonts): From 95€
1 optical size + Regular, Italic, Bold & Bold Italic + ornaments.

Graveur Variable (2 fonts): From 295€
Graveur Variable Roman & Italic

All bundles includes my Font catalogue for free.

Please contact me for extended licenses.

Graveur Poster