When you purchase a font, you get a non-exclusive license to use it in a specific media. There are many kind of font licenses depending on the intended use, like printed materials, websites, servers, apps…

Desktop Licenses

The licenses on sale in this website are Desktop Licenses for installing on desktop computers to design any printed or digital document. Those licenses are perpetual, so the user can use the fonts for any project.

The price of the licenses is based on the number of users who will install the font in their computers. As you can see in the Buy section of this website, we license our fonts for a minimum of three users. The price will go up the more users you choose, but with a discount.

You can read the exact terms and conditions that define the use of our typefaces in our End User License Agreement.

If you have any question, or your are searching for web, ePub, extended, educacional or testing licenses, just contact me at juanjez@gmail.com.

For other type of licenses, most of my typefaces are available on MyFonts or FontSpring.