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Loosely inspired by the odd bold plastic shops signs from the 60s and 70s, Black Pack is powerful and beautiful, a block display font that fits everywhere due to its wide range of weights and widths.

The Black Pack started as a very, very, simple group of letters without curves to practice transforming them with Python scripting, but quite soon I give up the programming idea (I’m terrible at coding) and started to enjoy drawing more and more widths and styles. The aim was to develop a really bold font in many widths to fit easily any copy in any layout.

It finished with four different styles with and eight widths and a random one witch changes between the eight widths. A set of 32 fonts to design any strong and black layout.

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Black Pack Specimen 01

Black Pack 1, 2, 3 & 4 8 widths + Random. 36 fonts

Glyphset 426 glyphs

Designed by Juanjo López

Year 2016

Fondo Black Pack




BHere you can purchase Black Pack licenses.
Black Pack is only offered as a complete family.

Please contact me for extended licenses.

Black Pack Poster