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Schotis at Pörtö

Vandring bland släktled på Pörtö under tre sekler is a book about family members living on the Finnish island of Pörto and three centuries of local history, by Gun Ahlfors, Curt-Olof Eklund, Henry Mansner, and Christian Westerback. It was published by EW Finland. Designer Tuija Tarkiainen of Studio Kiss writes on her website:

The shape of the book was determined by the idea of ​​full spread photos of the properties located in Pörtö, which photographer Christian Westerback shot for this work.

Since the book has a lot of body text, it had to be not only readable but also beautiful. For that, captions and titles, I chose the Schotis font designed by Juanjo López (”a typeface suitable for the most elegant and hard work”) and for spice, my old crush, the geometric Funkis typeface by Lettersfromsweden.

The Pörtö book was awarded at Finland’s Most Beautiful Books 2022.