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¡Viva Berlanga!

Luis García Berlanga (1921-2010) was a filmmaker, author of some of the best comedies in the history of Spanish cinema. His centenary is celebrated in 2021, among other things with an exhibition at the MUVIM museum in Valencia called ¡Viva Berlanga! (Visca Berlanga! in Valencian, Long Live Berlanga! in English).

Estudi Pedra, the studio in charge of designing the graphics for the exhibition, commissioned me a lettering piece that evoke the festive and joyful character of Berlanguesque cinema.

There are plenty of film posters in the exhibition, which go from the 50s to the 90s. Especially in the first movies different versions were designed for each country and they featured lots of fantastic lettering. The idea of Estudi Petra was to use those styles somehow in the exhibition banner, making it a dream job for me.