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Justa y Rvfina

Justa and Rvfina are two typographical sisters who live in the street plates of Seville. They are made of ceramic and date from 1845 but have undergone many modifications over the years.

Justa is the pure and immaculate sister. In drawing her we have tried to recover the original design of the Cartujan artisans in 1845, probably based on the Tuscan letters in fashion at the time.

Rvfina is the joyful sister. We have collected the variations and typographic follies that multiple ceramic workshops have been placing in the streets and squares of Seville over the years.

The family is completed by her cousin Suprima, a dingbat font that vindicates the contrasts of this city. These are the postcards they won’t sell you in the gentrified tourist shop.

The Justa and Rufina project was born in the midst of confinement. A group of designers, illustrators and type designers decided to document, recover and reclaim this visual heritage of the streets of Seville and give back to the city a little bit of its culture.

Designed, illustrated and produced by Ricardo Barquín Molero, Pedro Delgado, Jorge Manuel López and yours truly.

Visit to read more and download the family for free.