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Life is curious sometimes. After making the logo for ¡Viva Berlanga! exhibition, designer Diego Obiol from Estiu commissioned me the new masthead for the digital magazine Verlanga. This magazine is dedicated to cultural information about the city of Valencia.

For Diego, Verlanga wants to tell about the city, and the culture that runs through it, in a way that is close to the street. Without haughtiness or snobbery. I had in mind something that could be the sign of a neighbourhood shop opened in the 70s of the last century. I love diving into past typographic aesthetics, so I got down to work.

At first, I thought of basing it on a real sign, but I wanted something freer and I ended up designing Verlanga as a suburban fashion shop, an advert for Confecciones Amparo or Modas Alzira with a fashionable plastic sign, very remotely based on Californian psychedelia as in spanish 70s.

You can read an article presenting the new logo in Verlanga.