Paquita was my first typeface, back in 2006. It was a nice try, kind of a modern roman scratched with a ball pen in five minutes (actually that’s the way I did it). It was a very successful font and now Paquita is all over the world in lots of websites, children’s books and posters.

In 2016, with my new website, I had to decide whether to stop selling a typeface that no longer had the level required or completely redoing the font. Well, the font seems to have something appealing to the people, and also Paquita is my mum’s name so I just couldn’t kill it. I made a pause in the website and started to work on this Paquito.

Fully redrawn, with an extended language support and new OpenType features, Paquito is the best crazy funny font to use in children related stuff with three weights and you can buy it at Fontstore.

Paquita Next interior-35

Every single glyph has been refurbished to gain consistency across the typeface and better performance, specially on screen (considering that is an odd shaped display font).

Paquita Next interior-34

The most common pairs of same letters are default ligatures to give some hand lettered flavour. Also, you can activate discretional ligatures to have more strange pairs.

Paquita Next interior-32

With three weights, Paquita Next suits to any funny text.

Paquita Next interior-33


Paquita Next Light

Paquita from the neighborhood

Paquita Next Regular

¿Me estás oyendo, inútil?

Paquita Next Bold

heute sind wir Königinnen

Character Set

Uppercase, lowercase & figures




Diacritics and foreign characters set (based on the Latin Plusencoding by Underware)

ÁĂǍÂÄẠÀĀĄÅǺÃÆǼĆČÇĈĊÐĎĐÉĔĚÊËĖẸÈĒĘẼĞǦĜĢĠĦĤIJÍĬǏÎÏİỊÌĪĮĨĴĶĹĽĻĿŁŃŇŅŊƝÑÓŎǑÔÖỌÒŐŌǪØǾÕŒÞŔŘŖŚŠŞŜȘẞƏŦŤŢȚÚŬǓÛÜǗǙǛǕỤÙŰŪŲŮŨẂŴẄẀÝŶŸỲȲỸŹŽŻ áăǎâäạàāąåǻãæǽćčçĉċðďđéĕěêëėẹèēęẽğǧĝģġħĥıíĭǐîïịìijīįĩĵķĸĺľļŀłńʼnňņŋɲñóŏǒôöọòőōǫøǿõœþŕřŗśšşŝșßəŧťţțúŭǔûüǘǚǜǖụùűūųůũẃŵẅẁýŷÿỳȳỹźžż

Quotes, punctuation & symbols



Standard ligatures

Ruffle moon inner Kafka fähre

Discretional ligatures


Case sensitive forms

¿hola? ¿HOLA?

Localized forms

Diyarbakır  Il·lògic



and the Regular weight

The bold one!


Bairro Alto

Se la considera como «la Reina del Pueblo» o «la Guerrillera del Bolero». En sus canciones se expresa en contra de la cultura machista, lo que la ha hecho popular especialmente en ciertas audiencias. Sus temas se caracterizan por denunciar la cultura y actitudes machistas.

Ĉu mi aŭdis vin, senutila?

Paquita La Del Barrio (“Paquita from the neighborhood”) is the stage name of Francisca Viveros Barradas (born April 2, 1947), a Mexican Grammy nominated singer of rancheras and other Mexican styles. She was born in Alto Lucero, Veracruz and started her career in Mexico City in 1970. Her songs usually take a stance against Mexico’s sexist male culture.

Au revoire!


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You can buy the whole family, individual fonts, or subscribe to Fontstore monthly plan.