Black Pack

Loosely inspired by the odd bold plastic shops signs from the 60s and 70s, Black Pack is powerful and beautiful.

The Black Pack started as a very, very, simple group of letters without curves to practice transforming them with Python scripting, but quite soon I give up the programming idea and started to enjoy drawing more and more widths and styles.

The aim was to develop a really bold font in many widths to fit easily any copy in any layout.

It finished with four different styles and eight widths and a random witch changes between the eight widths. A set of 32 fonts to design any strong and black layout.

And now, it offers with a Pay-what-you-want system.

Warning: It doesn’t allow 0 euros donations. ;-)


Black Pack goes variable now!

When I designed Black Pack, I wanted a font that fit exactly in a layout regardless of the length of the text. I tried to solve this with lots of widths, making its use a bit messy. Several months after releasing Black Pack, a new font format that solved my problem was announced: the new OpenType Font Variables.

Those Variable Fonts can store the information of font family in a single font file, and the web or graphic designer can choose the amount of weight, width or any predefined axis of interpolation with the same freedom with which you could choose the size in phototypesetting, unlike the predefined sizes of the previous letterpress type. You can read more about it here, or here (in Spanish).

Nobody knows (in august 2017) if variable fonts will be the future of type or a commercial failure. The browsers, and design & type design apps will have to learn how to handle them, but Black Pack has a Beta VF version included if you want to have some fun with it.

Download Black Pack VF Beta

You can try variable fonts in Google’s FontView app, or in, with a compatible browser.

(Note this is a Beta version. For example, interpolating kerning is not supported yet, so kerning is not perfect at all now.)

Black Pack4-13

Black Pack has four different styles. I call them styles, not weights, the differences are in the design and stress, besides the weight. To have a consistent design tool, they all share the same glyph widths and spacing (except for a few letters in BP4).

Black Pack Styles-14

Each style has eight different widths, to make bold and tight layouts.

Black Pack anchos-14

There is also a Random weight, dancing between widths.

Black Pack Random-14


Black Pack 1 Tight

I see a red door and I want it painted black

Black Pack 1 Condensed

¿Qué podemos hacer con tanto dinero?

Black Pack 1 Narrow

The kids are losing their minds

Black Pack 1 Regular

Second verse, same as the first

Black Pack 1 Random

Still I’m gonna miss you

Black Pack 1 Thick

I got soul and I’m super bad

Black Pack 1 Wide

¡Fai un sol de carallo!

Black Pack 1 Fat

Under my thumb

Black Pack 1 Blow Up

Twist and shout!

Black Pack 2 Tight

Con las intenciones de forrarse de momento

Black Pack 2 Condensed

Up on the roof, out on the street

Black Pack 2 Narrow

Neuf cent millions de crève-la-faim

Black Pack 2 Regular

Diet, Crime & Delinquency

Black Pack 2 Random

Just leave a dime for beer

Black Pack 2 Thick

Será de tanto cubata

Black Pack 2 Wide

Whoa baby will travel!

Black Pack 2 Fat

Pepperoni eyes

Black Pack 2 Blow Up

Waddlin’ around

Black Pack 3 Tight

Where the sun don’t ever shine

Black Pack 3 Condensed

No hagas caso a esta canción

Black Pack 3 Narrow

You are going to miss me when I’m gone!

Black Pack 3 Regular

I got the rockin’ pneumonia

Black Pack 3 Random

You know you twist so fine

Black Pack 3 Thick

Give me a one way ticket

Black Pack 3 Wide

Sólo vine a comprar pan

Black Pack 3 Fat

Ando meio desligado

Black Pack 3 Blow Up

Galicia Canibal

Black Pack 4 Tight

Let the Midnight Special shine her light on me

Black Pack 4 Condensed

Enróllate en el espejo del ascensor

Black Pack 4 Narrow

Parce que je suis opportuniste

Black Pack 4 Regular

I took some money from the jar

Black Pack 4 Random

¿Qué es esta guasa?

Black Pack 4 Thick

Black as night, black as coal

Black Pack 4 Wide

Olho e não vejo nada

Black Pack 4 Fat

I got some dirty boots

Black Pack 4 Blow Up

You Really Got Me

Character Set

Uppercase, lowercase & figures




Diacritics and foreign characters set (based on the Latin Plusencoding by Underware)

ÁĂǍÂÄẠÀĀĄÅǺÃÆǼĆČÇĈĊÐĎĐÉĔĚÊËĖẸÈĒĘẼĞǦĜĢĠĦĤIJÍĬǏÎÏİỊÌĪĮĨĴĶĹĽĻĿŁŃŇŅŊƝÑÓŎǑÔÖỌÒŐŌǪØǾÕŒÞŔŘŖŚŠŞŜȘẞƏŦŤŢȚÚŬǓÛÜǗǙǛǕỤÙŰŪŲŮŨẂŴẄẀÝŶŸỲȲỸŹŽŻ áăǎâäạàāąåǻãæǽćčçĉċðďđéĕěêëėẹèēęẽğǧĝģġħĥıíĭǐîïịìijīįĩĵķĸĺľļŀłńʼnňņŋɲñóŏǒôöọòőōǫøǿõœþŕřŗśšşŝșßəŧťţțúŭǔûüǘǚǜǖụùűūųůũẃŵẅẁýŷÿỳȳỹźžż

Quotes, punctuation & symbols



Case sensitive forms

¿hola? ¿HOLA?

Localized forms

Diyarbakır  Il·lògic



a llitle bit more



Lavapiés City

Lavapiés is a central neighbourhood of the city of Madrid, centered on the Plaza de Lavapiés. It was the Jewish quarter of the city until the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, the church of San Lorenzo being built on the former site of the synagogue. The name literally means “wash feet”, and may refer to the ritual washing of one’s feet before entering the temple, possibly in the fountain in Plaza de Lavapiés which no longer exists.





Black Pack

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